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In my art therapy practice, I offer clients a space to (re)discover and develop their creativity: an appreciative space where creativity can flourish and a safe space in which difficult topics can be addressed and overcome with my support. There is a wide range of high-quality art materials available to you.

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My approach to art therapy is multimodal and analytical. So what awaits you?

MULTIMODAL | Exercises with brushes, fingers and colors alternate with voice and movement exercises, modeling with clay, photography or whatever suits you to work on your specific request in the best possible way. With my support you will be able to gain new insights and activate your resources so that you come out of every therapy session stronger.


ANALYTICAL | Unlike purely process-oriented methods, my focus is on the interplay between cognition and emotion. Talking about what you are creating is at least as important as the artwork itself. Carl Gustav Jung's deep psychological approach and systemic questioning techniques offer a valuable guide for our conversations.

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The works of great masters can move us deeply, especially if there is a biographical connection between the viewer and what is depicted. In my research as an art scholar, I have seen what art can do - on myself, on others, in human history - if you approach it openly. Sometimes it can be very productive in a therapy session to discuss works of art together that trigger something in you. Maybe we look at illustrations, or we combine the therapy session with a joint visit to the gallery.

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In order to leave everyday life behind and arrive at the therapy session, it is helpful to relax with targeted exercises or rituals. In my sessions I offer various relaxation techniques, including autogenic training, progressive muscle relaxation and breathing exercises. Autogenic training in particular is an effective tool for arriving in the here and now, or for unearthing subconscious images through guided imagery, which we can then work on together.

Meditation in Wald
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